Dagu Robot arm kit with serial interface

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The Dagu 6 DOF robotics arm is built with 3mm thick aluminum shifts. It can performs lots of moves and manipulate objects. It total length when fully extended is 390mm.

The Dagu 6 DOF robotics arm has three 12 kG torque motors, one 3.2 kG torque motor and two 2.3 kg torque motors, so it is able to move pretty heavy loads.

The Dagu 6 DOF robotics arm contains a motor controller that can command up to 32 motors, a AtMega168 microcontroller that can communicate with a computer through a serial port and a wifi module.

A free software allows you to start using the Dagu 6 DOF robotics arm very easily and to saves positions. This robot is perfectly fitted for pedagogical use.

The Dagu 6 DOF robotics arm is shipped totally mounted and tested. More information in the user&apos s manual.