IBoard Pro

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The IBoard Pro is a unique Arduino board which features a WIZnet Ethernet port with POE, an XBee socket, ITDB02 Serial/Parallel LCD module interface, RTC, nRF24L01 module interface, Micro SD socket and an ATMega2560. This board will add wireless XBee control as well as internet connectivity to your projects. It’s great for anything from home automation to robot control. The possibilities are endless!


IBoard Pro can be used as an Ethernet, wireless communication project development platform. IBoard Pro support POE (power on Ethernet) power supply, and Micro SD for mass storage. There are some 3pin electronic brick/ sensor brick interface breakout on board, it offer an easy way for a quick prototyping. You can setup a web server through which you may communicate with a remote Arduino using XBee radios, bluetooth or APC modules. This information can be posted to a web site, or to Twitter.


The board requires FTDI basic board to upload sketch, you can use our Foca board to do it. Iboard can be powered by a mini USB , power Jack or POE.




Microcontroller ATMega2560

Max Frequency 16MHz

RAM Capacity 8K

FLASH Capacity 256K


External Resources :


Onboard SD socket

Onboard Ethernet


Electronic Brick Interface


Power Supply:


External 12V

External 24V

External 7V

External 9V


I/O Operation Level: 3.3V

Board Size 124.46mm x 72.39mm

Model IM120724002

Version 1.0

Weight 80.00g

Accessories No





Useful Links:


Make StripInvaders Cheaper: Use An IBoard




RF24 and RF24Network libraries that support nRF24L01 on iBoard


RF24 Library Link: https://github.com/andykarpov/iBoardRF24


RF24Network Library Link: https://github.com/andykarpov/iBoardRF24Network



IBoard not able to access A6 and A7


A6 &amp A7 is pure analog input pins.The ADC6 and ADC7 pins have no other purpose. They are not part of any I/O register. PORTC doesn&apos t have a BIT 7 and BIT 6 is connected to the Reset pin if the RSTDISBL fuse is set (Reset is disabled). If the Reset pin is not disabled, writing to that bit will do nothing and reading it will always return 0.


Link: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,110400.msg829190.html#msg829190









Demo Code