Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial

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Basic breakout board for FTDI’s popular USB to UART IC. Now with internal oscillator and EEPROM, the FT232RL is an impressive IC!

VCCIO is now tied to 3.3V through a solder jumper. You have the option of clearing this jumper and tying the VCCIO pin to 5V or any other IO voltage you need. For more information on how to wire VCCIO for 5V, checkout this mini-tutorial on the SparkFun forum.

Board comes assembled with IC as shown.

Dimensions: 0.9″ x 1.25″


Implements full v2.0 USB protocol

Needs no external crystal

Internal EEPROM for device ID and Product Description strings

Royalty-Free Driver support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX



Eagle Files

FT232RL IC Datasheet

FTClean (for removing extraneous/old ports)