AVR 40 Pin Rapid Robot controller board

40,99  (πλέον ΦΠΑ)


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This robotic platform can be used for learning autonomous robotics and can work as a low cost solution for many kind of robot. This robot can work as a line follower, obstacle avoider, wall follower, IR remote controlled robot or any other kind of autonomous robot possible with this hardware. All the software&apos s and sample codes for starting coding in C (WinAVR) is available on the CD included in the kit.


This Product Includes


CD containing all required software&apos s and sample codes in WINAVR

AVR Rapid Robot Controller Board


Robot Controller Board Features


On Board Regulator with filters and Operating voltage from 6V – 20 V

4 LED’s selectable though individual jumpers

5 Switches including reset

3 Switches on interrupt pins

Power on/off toggle switch

Motor on/off toggle switch

16MHz crystal for maximum speed

AREF setting potentiometer

Onboard LCD connector compatible to HD44780 LCD Modules

LCD brightness control

Frosted Blue Power Indicator

4 DC/2 Stepper motor driving capability

PWM pins connected to motor drivers for speed control of motors

Full Speed/PWM Speed control selection jumpers

4 ADC/Standard servo compatible connectors

All Pins accessible through male header pins

Serial Programmer and PC-MCU serial link optional

All required connectors included.




AVR programmer (Selectable between Serial Port, Parallel Port and USB Port Programmer)

*Serial port programmer does not work properly when LCD is connected. We recommend Parallel or USB port programmer if you are using LCD.