Pi Wedge

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This is the Pi Wedge, a small board that connects to the Raspberry Pi’s 26-pin GPIO connector, and breaks the pins out to breadboard-friendly arrangement and spacing, and even adds a couple of decoupling capacitors on the power supply lines. The “Wedge” also makes the initial bringup process easier – you can plug an FTDI Basic module into the built-in serial port. Each Pi Wedge comes as an easy to assemble kit that can can be inserted into the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO port that allows you to prototype as soon as you are done soldering.

The Pi Wedge is compatible with both the RPi Model A and B and any solderless breadboard (provided it has the adequate number of pins available. If you love the Raspberry Pi and have been looking to start prototyping with it look no further than the Pi Wedge!

Kit Includes:

1x Pi Wedge PCB

1x GPIO Ribbon Cable (6″ )

1x GPIO Shrouded Header (2×13)

1x 6-pin Male Header

2x 12-pin Male Header

2x Capacitor (10uF/25V)



Eagle Files

Hookup Guide

GitHub (Example Code & Design Files)

Product Video