2A Dual Motor driver module with PWM control

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L298 Motor driver based module. Small module which can be used with any circuit very easily. Controls 2 DC motors/ 1 Stepper motor in both direction. PWM/NON PWM control using jumpers. Diodes provided for back EMF protection.


Motor Driver Module Features


Small board size – Just 45mm X 31mm

L298 Based design

Simple 8 pin interface PWM Mode (GND,VCC,M11,M12,M21,M22,PWM2,PWM1) (Jumpers JP1 &amp JP2 placed)

Also can be used in NonPWM Mode (GND,VCC,M11,M12,M21,M22) (Jumpers JP1 &amp JP2 open)

Controls 2 Phase Bipolar Stepper Motor

Operates up to 18V DC

PWM operations up to 20 KHz

Onboard 5V supply generation

Easy mounting and setup

DIP Pins for interface