Faraday Torch (DIY)

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Faraday Star the revolutionary new pocket torch, that does not need spare batteries or bulbs.

This magical torch is based on Faradays law of induction. The Farady star torch changes movement into light. If you hold the torch lightly in a level plane and then shake it back and forth, a very strong magnet moves in and out of a coil and efficiently produces electrical energy. This is stored in a high quality capacitor and used to power a special bright LED. Ca. 30 seconds of movement produces 2 minutes of light.

The ready made components can be assembled into the housing in no time at all. All you need is scissors and a fine mechanics screwdriver. The splash resistant housing is transparent and allows you to see the components inside. The Faraday Star is an ideal torch for every kind of outdoor activity. In a relatively short time, its price will be recovered by savings made on batteries and bulbs.

Length: 130 mm

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