pH-Fix 0-14 PT (100 strips) (MACHEREY-NAGEL)

10,90  (ex VAT)



pH-Fix 0-14 PT (100 strips)
snap cap tubes

Improved: Simple one-hand operation
The snap cap of the tube can be opened and closed just with the thumb of the holding hand. This makes working with pH-Fix 0-14 PT comfortable and relaxing.

Improved: Easy to close
Due to the long tube design the strips do not stick out. This effectively prevents blockades of the cap due to jammed strips. The tube can be closed easily with a push of the thumb. This makes fast pH-testing convenient and simple.

Improved: Maximum safety concept
Geometry and material of the tube have been specially selected for maximal stability. The tube is virtually unbreakable. It stands firmly on its circular bottom, even when it is slightly moved. Thus, working with the new PT tubes is safe and reliable.