Activities of Knowledge Research:

Educational Material
From kindergarten to university teaching materials for each subject. For all students, hobbyists, professionals, farmers etc.

Educational Robotics
Spearheaded the LEGO Mindstorms and a large number of alternative elements such as Arduino, Picaxe and everything required as sensors, microcontrollers, construction elements, components, motors etc. For all students, students, educators, hobbyists, professionals.

Educational toys
A simple gift or a gift with knowledge and learning content. The source of educational toy for every child of every age.

Educational DVD
The unique visual library in our country. Educational DVD for every citizen. Integrated programs for family, school, professionals in education and adult retraining.

LEGO Education
We are honored to have been chosen by LEGO Education as exclusive partners in Greece, Cyprus and the neighboring Balkan countries. LEGO for the thirty years has been working with the largest universities in the world such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, with which design and develop educational products for all ages, to the experiential understanding of Natural Sciences, Environment and Educational Robotics. Find them out, treat supplies to your children.